Frequently Asked Questions

I didn't get my confirmation email or have lost it somewhere. How can I request it again?

You can request a new confirmation email here. Remember to also check your spam/junk folder.

Are my display list and voting list linked?

No your display list and voting list are separate. You may want to view many display items but only have a few voting items in your voting list. If you want to use a different voting item not on your list just select "Other" to put in whatever voting item you want.

Can I add more than one word for a display item?

Yep, you can add up to three words for a display item. You can do this a few ways as demonstrated below:

  • Cool Awesome Funny
  • Cool + Awesome + Funny
  • Cool, Awesome, Funny

Can I add more than one word for my voting item?

Nope, you can only have one word for a voting item.

What are the "Media" types?

There are eight media types that are used to sort the links and they are:

Articles are links to a page containing an article, post or story on a website or a blog. An article on the BBC website would fall under this media type.
Audio can be an embedded audio item or audio file. The audio can be anything such as music, sound effects or speech etc. Links to music streams on Soundcloud or Spotify would fall under this media type.
Blogs are websites that is dedicated to blogging such as those found on Tumblr, Blogger or Wordpress blogs such as Techcrunch or TMZ. Post or articles on these blogs would fall under the "Articles" media type.
Games are web pages or files such as Flash or Java apps that allows the user to play a game. Games on Miniclip would fall under this media type.
Images are any type of picture that can be found on the web. For example a LOLcat image.
Podcasts can be links to podcast files or podcast shows. For example a link to a podcast on iTunes would fall under this media type.
Videos can be video files or links to videos on video sharing sites such as Youtube, Vimeo etc.
Websites are just links to the front-page or main page of a website.

How come I can't see some links that my friend can?

If you don't have particular display items added to your display list you won't be able to see links that have been associated to those display items.

Why can't I see some display items associated to a link?

Only the top 5 display items of that link are displayed and only if they are on your display list.

Why can't I delete a link I submitted?

When another user has commented or voted on your link, you can no longer delete that link.

Do you support UTF-8 characters?

Yep, you can submit links and comment in other languages such as Russian and Chinese. Unfortunately, our website is currently delivered only in English.

How can I provide feedback or report a bug?

You can submit your ideas or bugs you have encountered on our feedback forum.

Your question not answered here? Don't hesitate to give us a shout.